In partnership with Cognizant | 25 May 2023

Deep Green: How data, technology and collaboration will drive the next phase of sustainability in business

Thought Leadership Team

Oxford Economics

Achieving our climate goals requires increasingly urgent action from the business community. But are they moving beyond promises to deliver tangible improvements? Oxford Economics and Cognizant surveyed 3000 C-suite and senior executives, and conducted 24 in-depth interviews, to understand the progress being made in converting plans into action. It identifies an emerging trend of businesses that embed sustainability thinking into the very core of all they do, inside and outside their organization.

Our research and analysis, spanning industries and countries across the globe, focused on senior executives involved in sustainability initiatives at some of the largest organisations (80% coming from 1$ billion turnover or more p/a), revealing what needs to happen—at a strategy, technology, and leadership level—to ensure businesses are ready to expand their sustainability efforts across their entire ecosystems. The research, written up by Cognizant in a report in May 2023, highlights five key recommendations for businesses that can help them emerge not only as leaders in their markets but as beacons for how to be a sustainable business—a deeply green business—to meet the needs of our changing world.”

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The experts behind the research

Our Thought Leadership team produces original, evidence-based research made accessible to decision-makers and opinion leaders. Drawing on detailed quantitative and qualitative data, we work with clients globally across sectors to produce tailored research programs that inform their decision making. Principals for this project included:

John Reiners

Managing Editor, UK & EMEA, Thought Leadership

Jamie Snowdon

Senior Research Analyst, Thought Leadership

Bethan Jewsbury

Senior Research Manager, Thought Leadership

James Pendlington

Research Manager, Thought Leadership

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Deep Green – Making positive sustainability progress in Australian enterprise

In this podcast, John Reiners: Managing Editor Thought Leadership, EMEA at Oxford Economics and Jonathan Smith: Head of Sustainability Solutions APAC explore how Australia compares to global companies with ESG adoption.

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