In the media | 09 Aug 2023

BNN Bloomberg: Canada’s real estate correction is far from over

Tony Stillo

Director of Canada Economics

Tony Stillo, Director of Canada Economics, discusses Canada’s house price correction and the outlook for housing affordability.

Listen to the interview below:

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Canada’s population boom will lift the economy, but only over time

Our new demographic projection suggests rapid international migration will boost Canada's population to 42mn by 2025, which would be a record 3mn (8%) increase from 2022. The surge in population has important implications for the economy, which we will incorporate in our December economic forecast.

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The worst may be yet to come for interest-sensitive sectors

The relative resilience of G7 output in the face of aggressive rate hikes is partly due to the surprising strength in interest-sensitive parts of GDP. This looks to be linked to factors like the limited weakening of asset prices and increased fixed-rate borrowing that has lengthened transmission lags. However, there could still be weakness ahead for these sectors.

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Largest Canadian metros appear more resilient to the recession

The year ahead will be tough for Canadian metros, with a range of pressures imposed upon them. However, there are glimmers of light, and we expect GDP to rise in six of the 10 major metros. Calgary is expected to grow the fastest, while Montreal will outperform both Vancouver and Toronto.

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