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May - June 2019

  • The global economy has seen a lacklustre start to 2019, entering its third slowdown since 2010. We expect global growth this year to be a little weaker than in 2018, at 2.8%, and then to stay stuck in a lower gear with the same pace of expansion in 2020.
  • Underlying financial conditions, a manufacturing upturn and stabilising activity in China are supportive of the outlook.
  • But with fiscal support set to wane and US-China trade relations again looking more fractious a rebound is unlikely and risks are tilted to the downside.
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Latest Analysis

  • May 23 2019

    India: A resounding vote of approval for Modi

    In line with the exit polls, India delivered a clear verdict in favour of the incumbent Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in the 2019 general elections. For the second consecutive time, Modi’s Bharatiya...

  • May 23 2019

    Eurozone: ECB minutes hint at June policy verdict

    The minutes from the last ECB meeting confirm our view that the council was in assessment mode in April as it debated the conflicting signals on the growth and inflation outlook as well as the downsid...

  • May 23 2019

    Europe: US-EU auto trade war postponed until 2020

    The US administration’s decision to delay tariffs on imported cars and parts from the EU by six months is encouraging, especially considering escalating tensions vis-à-vis China. The imposition of 25%...

  • May 23 2019

    United States: State and local boost to growth to ease

    State and local tax revenues jumped 6.8% in fiscal 2018 – the largest gain in 11 years. The spurt of revenue growth allowed state and local governments to increase their nominal outlays by 4.4% – the...

  • May 22 2019

    United States: Fed minutes underscore “patient” approach

    The minutes from the April 30 – May 1 FOMC policy meeting were in line with expectations, although they are a bit stale since the meeting preceded the recent escalation of trade tariffs. Many policym...

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  • In our latest US Executive #Podcast, OE's @BostjancicKathy and US chief economist @GregDaco discuss the outlook for the #USeconomy focusing on rising #trade tensions with #China and the implications for growth, household income, #inflation and #Fed policy:

  • We launch a new way to manage currency risk with our FX Risk Tool, a composite measure of vulnerability to #currencycrisis. Our #FXRisk Tool measures risks of sharp currency falls and is a strong leading indicator of currency crises, our testing shows:

  • With a global slowdown dragging down #inflation, risks of #Japanification – economies sinking into a long run of low growth with low inflation or #deflation – is back. Most under threat, as in 2016, are countries on the #Eurozone periphery, some in Asia:

  • Latest US #tariffs on China in the #tradewar will erase benefits of #tax cuts for most households in the #USeconomy, especially low- and middle-income families via @OxfordEconomics @TaxPolicyCenter :

  • Organisational culture is critical to business performance influencing outcomes in collaboration, customer satisfaction and retention - and financial results. Our model developed with @GrantThornton tracks how key aspects of culture map into performance:

  • US #Congress leaders are working towards a potential budget deal that would also include raising the #debtceiling. Very important is that if budget caps from the Budget Control Act of 2011 kick back in for FY2020, the drag on US growth would be 0.3ppt

  • It's very unlikely the “new #Brexit deal” from PM #May - a batch of sweeteners to various groups of MPs - will sway enough dissenters to win Withdrawal Agreement vote in 2 wks. So next major crunch point on Brexit will be a summer Tory leadership contest: