Global Industry Model Brochure

An integrated model covering over 100 manufacturing and service sectors in 77 major countries and the Eurozone, our industry model uses the components of macroeconomic demand (consumer spending, investment, and government expenditures) as its key input.

What’s included?
  • Comprehensive industry coverage. For each country, we include 85 manufacturing industries, 15 service sectors, and other relevant series, such as car sales and steel production.
  • Advanced model structure. The industry model produces forecasts of value-added output by industry (as well as several other indicators) based on an input-output framework.
  • Historical data and forecasts which are updated each quarter, feeding in the latest monthly economic data.
  • Simple-to-use software. Quickly build scenarios, export data, load predefined scenarios, and present data as charts, heat maps, and dashboards.
  • Comprehensive training and support.
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