Global Economic Model Brochure

Our Global Economic Model provides a rigorous and consistent structure for forecasting and testing scenarios. A globally integrated economic model, it can be used to address questions on a wide range of economic topics such as the impact of oil price changes, or the effects of slower Chinese growth. The model forms the foundation of all of our country, industry, and city forecasts. Advanced software allows you to build your own scenarios quickly, export data sets, and view outputs in dashboards, heat maps, or charts. The model can be customized to reflect your organization’s own strategic challenges.

What’s included?
  • Fully integrated global economic model. Individual country models are fully linked through global assumptions about trade volume and prices, competitiveness, capital flows, interest and exchange rates, and commodity prices.
  • Comprehensive country coverage. 85 countries are examined in detail, plus the Eurozone. The rest of the world economy is covered in six trading blocs.
  • Two updates per month. To ensure you have the latest economic data and up to date forecast.
  • Global scenario tool. Solve the Global Economic Model with alternative equations to quantify the implications of major shocks to GDP, with options to determine the level of global contagion.
  • 5,10,25 year baseline projections. You can choose to receive medium or long-term forecasts.
  • Simple-to-use software. Quickly build scenarios, export data and present as charts, heat maps and dashboards.
  • Pre-defined scenarios. Scenarios that are updated with every model release allowing you to easily consider alternative outcomes.
  • Comprehensive training and support. We provide in-house training and offer regular seminars for model users.
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