Global Macro Service Brochure

A complete service to help corporate planners track, analyse, and react to macro events and future trends.

What’s included?
  • Key Global Themes. A curated feed of our views on global economic trends, such as the China slowdown, low oil prices and the Greek crisis.
  • Research briefings and viewpoints. Analysis of macro events, market shifts, emerging issues, and policy changes that will affect strategic direction.
  • Weekly Economic Briefings. Weekly wrap-ups of key developments and upcoming events for the US, UK, the Eurozone, Emerging Markets and Latin America.
  • Global Economic Databank. Detailed macroeconomic data on 201 countries and the Eurozone with forecasts to 2050.
  • Country Economic Forecasts. Concise country reports providing analysis and forecasts, with monthly updates for the world’s major economies.
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