Australia Macro Service Brochure

In a fast-changing economic environment, the Australia Macro Service provides in-depth insights and analysis of the key trends developing domestically and globally. This enables our clients to make better strategic decisions, manage key risks and take advantage of newly-developing opportunities.

What’s included?
  • Timely written analysis. Quarterly chart-books, quick data insights, research briefings and a monthly forecast report.
  • Customisable dashboard. Completely customisable data feeds, including an excel plug-in and the ability to integrate with tableau and Power-BI.
  • Online databank, which includes over 700 indicators Databank includes historical data back to 1980 and forecasts out to 2050 featuring a range of economic, socioeconomic and demographic data.
  • Attendance at our bi-annual outlook conference and timely webinars. Review prospects for the economy as well as key risks to forecasts.
  • In-depth industry and state forecast reports.
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