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Africa Forecasting Service


For businesses who want to tap into opportunities in Africa, we bring together a global perspective and on-the-ground expertise to address the most pressing issues for Africa’s today and tomorrow. We provide up-to-date political and economic analysis, narrated into a single actionable view, enabling businesses to move with confidence in the most dynamic continent of the world.

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Economic forecasts

Economic data and analysis for all 54 African countries; as well as analysis on key financial market developments.

City forecasts

Forecasts for 102 African cities’ GDP, employment, population, household income, consumer spending and retail sales, along with city-level analytical deep-dives.

Political analysis

In-depth analysis of key political developments across the continent along with qualitative scenario analysis for 26 countries.

Industry and tourism forecasts

Tourism forecasts for 45 African countries and 16 major cities, as well as in-depth analysis, forecasts and scenarios for 14 key industries across 8 countries.

Why us?

Whether you need to optimize your investment portfolio, develop a 20-year city forecast or monitor the security of your supply chain, we can help to fuel better decision making and drive business growth.

On-the-ground expertise

We have the largest macro research team covering Africa from the continent, bringing together a global perspective and local insights to address the most pressing issues for today and tomorrow.

Action-driven insights

Our unique research framework allows us to incorporate political and economic developments into a single actionable view, enabling our clients to move with confidence in the most dynamic continent of the world.

Client support

Our subject matter experts and support team emphasize the needs of our clients and are always a phone call away for support.  

Urbanisation continues, led by rapid growth in African cities
Blog post

Urbanisation continues, led by rapid growth in African cities

In the next two decades, the world’s 900 major cities will experience a combined population increase of nearly 600 million people. While the largest cities will continue to be in Asia, African cities are expected to grow the fastest. In contrast, many cities in Europe and East Asia will experience population declines over this period.

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“We were drawn to working with Oxford Economics for its solid reputation and the strength of its research, and we’ve been particularly impressed with your ability to present this to governments and the media – it’s the reason we’d look for future opportunities to work together.”

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Africa Forecasting Service

Comprehensive analysis of immediate and long-term economic and political prospects to inform investment strategies, expansion and African operations through forecasts and commentary by country, industry, and city.

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