Africa Forecasting Service Brochure

From economic forecasting to in-depth coverage of city developments, and analyses of investment opportunities to the drivers impacting operational effectiveness, fuel your business growth by leveraging our complete Africa solutions. 

What’s included?
  • Economic forecasts: economic data and analysis for all 54 African countries, with forecasts out to 2050; as well as analysis on financial market developments for key markets.
  • Political analysis: in-depth analysis of the most pertinent political developments across the continent along with qualitative scenario analysis for 26 countries.
  • City forecasts: forecasts for 102 African cities’ GDP, employment, population, household income, consumer spending and retail sales, along with city-level analytical deep-dives.
  • Tourism forecasts: forecasts on passenger flows, number of overnight stays, tourism spending and more for 45 African countries and 16 major cities.
  • Industry forecasts: in-depth analysis, forecasts and scenarios for 14 key industries and detailed sub-sector analysis in line with NACE revision 2 codes across 8 countries.

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