Consulting Report
22 May 2024

Reinvent for growth in the media industry: Only the radical will survive and thrive

In partnership with Accenture

In partnership with Accenture, Oxford Economics surveyed 6,000 consumers across 10 countries to better understand their preferences, beliefs, and behaviors toward their online entertainment experiences—and how companies in the industry can transform their models to remain relevant in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

Our research reveals that traditional media is quickly losing customers as their frustrations with entertainment experiences continue to grow. For example, nearly half of consumers canceled more subscriptions in 2023 than in 2022, and 36% struggle to find something entertaining to watch. Meanwhile, consumer preferences for social media and video platforms over both traditional and streaming media to meet their social, emotional, and intellectual needs has nearly doubled since last year’s research.

Lead researcher, Sundus Alfi, also discusses the results of this study with Marketplace, citing customer expectations for a seamless viewing experience.

The experts behind the research

Our Thought Leadership team produces original, evidence-based research made accessible to decision-makers and opinion leaders. Principals for this project included:

Sundus Alfi

Senior Research Manager, Thought Leadership

Edward Cone

Editorial Director and Technology Practice Lead, Thought Leadership

Melissa Leon Pons

Research Associate, Thought Leadership

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