Global Industry Forecasts Brochure

Every quarter, our Global Industry Forecasts provide historical, current and forecast data and analysis for the world’s key industrial and emerging markets. Unlike other industry services, we use an integrated global economic and sectoral model to ensure that our industry forecasts are both accurate and consistent with world economic conditions, and we also provide forecasts by sector under alternate risk scenarios. The service includes regular industry updates, quarterly world summary reports, supplementary base forecast and scenario data and tables, and support from our economists.

What’s included?
  • Six Spotlight on the world’s most important developed and emerging markets: Our global industry forecasts cover 77 nations, the Eurozone, and a range of regional aggregates. The time frame includes more than 25 years of historical trends and forecasts to 2050. We produce forecasts from our Global Industry Model, which projects value-added output by industry.
  • Broad coverage of all major manufacturing sectors and services: Analysis of 14key industries and more than 100 subsectors.
  • Deep analysis into industrial sectors: Data and forecasts are available for each industry for all covered countries, together with detailed sub-sector analysis in line with NACE revision 2 codes.
  • Detailed written analysis of trends: Highlights of critical trends over the past three months, examination of monthly indicators, and reviews of our annual forecasts for output growth. Crucially, we analyse how each industry will be affected by key macroeconomic drivers, such as FX swings, commodity prices, consumption, investment and trends in other industries.
  • Scenario analysis: Sector-specific analysis of economic scenarios and the drivers of alternative forecast paths, as well as summary charts and tables for each region, with cross-sector global comparisons presented in summary form.
  • Precise forecasting methodology: Our forecasts are derived from our renowned global economic and industry models. The Global Industry Model forecasts output across industries that are consistent with our latest economic forecasts, and is integrated with our Global Economic Model, the world’s most widely used commercial economic model.
  • Economist support: We provide full client support to answer questions about our data or forecasts.
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