Global Cities Service Brochure

Detailed economic forecasts to 2040 for 900 cities using consistent definitions of cities, sectors, demographics, and spending behaviour to allow comparison of the prospects and trends for cities across different continents. Clients can make top-level decisions about market and investment strategies, comparing like with like.

What’s included?
  • Broad Global Coverage. Forecasts for 900 cities in 164 countries. All forecasts are consistent with our country and industry forecasts, providing a level basis for analysis.
  • Extensive data by location. Consistent and comparable annual data and forecasts for total GDP, the labour market, population and income, consumer spending by category, and retail sales.
  • Long-term forecasts. The data generally refers back to 2000, and the forecast horizon is 2040. To ensure you have the latest information for these dynamic and rapidly changing markets, we update our forecasts on an annual basis.
  • Methodology report. Explanation of data sources, urban definitions, forecast methods and approaches to estimate and fill missing data, as well as an outline of the linkages to our Global Economic Model.
  • Advanced analytical functions. Our web-based databank allows users to quickly build custom queries with complete flexibility and view the data in tables, charts, and maps. Numbers may be represented as absolutes, percentages, and even differences between time periods. All data are annotated by source, date of update, and analyst. Searches can be saved for later reference and downloaded to Excel.
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