Recent Release | 05 Apr 2023

Economic Impacts of Sweet Tooth Season One in New Zealand (with Motion Picture Association)

Economic Consulting Team

Oxford Economics

In 2020, production of Season One of “Sweet Tooth” resulted in total spending in New Zealand of over NZ$46 million. Spending with over 950 local suppliers of goods and services was the main expenditure item, making up 54% of the total expenditure at over NZ$25 million. The majority of this spending was done in Auckland and Waitakere. The remaining 46% of spending measured at NZ$21 million and was spent on wages and salaries for local production crew and other labor.

We calculate that expenditure by the production of Season One of “Sweet Tooth” stimulated over NZ$66 million in contribution to New Zealand’s GDP in 2020. We find that for every NZ$1 million that the production’s own activities contributed to the economy, its expenditure supported a further NZ$2.1 million along its supply chain and through the payment of wages.

We find that the expenditure undertaken by the show’s production stimulated a total of 1,180 full time and part time jobs across New Zealand in 2020. For every 100 people the production directly employed, its expenditure stimulated another 47 jobs across the country.

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The experts behind the research

Arushi, a member of the economic consulting team, brings years of experience in quantitative economic analysis working with clients around the globe and across sectors to build models, forecast markets and evaluate interventions using state-of-the art techniques.

Arushi Pasricha

Assistant Economist, Economic Impact

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