City Climate Scenarios Service Brochure

Oxford Economics’ City Climate Scenarios Service offers in-depth insights into the economic impacts of climate change and mitigation policies on cities and local economies throughout Europe, the US and Canada. Harnessing our expert team’s knowledge of city-specific attributes, the impact of transition policies on sectors, and exposure to physical risks, we provide forecasts and analysis that empower businesses and governments to make data-driven, locally tailored climate-related decisions with confidence.

Key features:
  • Comprehensive databank: user-friendly data bank that allows you to access and extract baseline forecasts and five climate scenarios to 2050 for almost 3,000 cities and regions.
  • Chartbooks: individual quarterly chartbooks for US, Canada, and Europe outlining the key assumptions and headlines from climate scenarios.
  • Commentary and webinars: event-driven discussions on cities and climate change.
  • Support from our team of over 40 city and climate specialists.
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