China Cities and Regional Forecasts Brochure

Our recently expanded China Cities Service now provides quarterly updated data and long-term forecasts for 286 cities and 30 provinces in China. The forecasts are delivered via an online databank and supported by our team of city experts. Clients also receive invitations to webinars and access to summary reports.

What’s included?
  • Detailed geographic coverage. The service provides data and forecasts for 286 cities and 30 provinces, along with relevant national totals.
  • Extensive dataset for each location. A broad range of economic, labour market, demographic, income, and consumer spending indicators are provided for each location.
  • Regular updates and long-term forecasts. The data and forecasts, which go back at least 20 years, and go out to 2035, are updated four times per year.
  • User-friendly delivery. Our online databank, API, and data feed services allow you to access the data and forecasts quickly and seamlessly integrate them with your internal systems. The system supports custom queries and delivers the results via spreadsheets, charts, tables, dashboards, and maps.
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