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A complete service to help executives track, analyse and react to macro events and future trends for the European region.

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Our European Macro Service provides you with access to our latest regional briefings and analysis. The service helps corporate executives monitor the implications of economic and market developments in Europe.

About the European Macro Service

Research briefings and hot topics

Analysis of macro events, market shifts, emerging issues, and policy changes affecting strategic decision-making.

Country economic forecasts

Monthly analysis and forecasts for the European economies.

Data insights

Timely responses and analysis of key data releases and the implication for our macro forecasts.

Global economic databank

Detailed macroeconomic data for the European region with forecasts to 2050.

What the service includes

Our European Macro Service combines local expertise with our global forecasting and modelling approach and provides the user with access to unparalleled research and in-depth economic data across Europe and its individual countries.

Indicators included

Our European Macro Service includes indicators for key industrial sectors and 140,000 variables. We include detailed coverage of GDP and domestic demand, demographics, employment by sector details, consumer spending by product/service, population by age cohort and more.

Geographies included

The European Macro Service includes the Eurozone as well as all European countries including:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • the Nordics
  • Central and Eastern Europe
Custom forecasts

Our models, forecasts, and datasets can be customised to fit the unique needs of your organisation.

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A darker economic scenario from Russia’s war

We have modelled a plausible downside scenario in which the fighting in Ukraine lasts well into 2023, the west imposes further sanctions and Russia retaliates by restricting gas supplies.

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“The scope of data availability and ease of access, coupled with an expert team on hand to reference, means Oxford Economics is one of our trusted economic experts.”

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