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Designed for executives who need to understand and shape the future of the global construction and engineering industry.

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Our service brings verified data, accurate construction forecasts, in-depth construction analysis all in one place to enable strategic and effective planning. Our service covers 70 key construction markets as well as sub-sectors, on a regional, national, and sub-national level, representing over 90% of total global construction activity.

Concrete intelligence for the construction industry

Global Construction Databank

Historical data and 15-year forecasts for construction, updated on a quarterly basis

Power BI Dashboard

Intuitive dashboard enabling you to navigate key construction indicators and forecasts visually through charts, graphics and maps

Up-to-date insights

Written analysis keeping you updated on the most critical short, medium and long-term construction industry trends

Economist support

A team of over 20 subject matter experts are available to answer questions about our forecasts and analysis

Why Oxford Economics?

Through combining high-level economic forecasts with on-the-ground industry insights, we help you gain a comprehensive, accurate understanding of the construction markets and sectors in which you operate.

Proprietary forecasts

Oxford Economics provides “work done value” forecasts for the construction industry, which measures the total money paid for construction work. Our proprietary construction performance metric enables businesses to best capture real world developments.

Unique expertise

Oxford Economics combines high level economic forecasts with on-the-ground industry insights to paint a more accurate and holistic picture of the construction industry.

Sectors we cover

Residential: Single and multi-family dwellings

Non-Residential: Commercial, industrial, social, other

Civil Engineering: Roads, other transportation, utilities, other civil engineering

A real industry leader

A real industry leader with over four decades of experience in forecasting construction activities. Backed by years of industry experience, our expert team goes beyond simple data analysis, adding depth and nuance to our construction sector forecasts.


Global Construction Futures

As China pivots from its zero Covid policy and with growth in the US and most European markets expected to be negative or flatline this year – what are the medium and longer-term futures for the global construction industry?

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