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Our service provides regular reports that outline the key drivers of construction, and includes historical data as well as forecasts for a range of building activity indicators. The service comprises a PowerBI dashboard, databank and research briefings, which enable accurate comparisons of construction sector outputs across over 80 countries, enabling effective strategic decision-making and forward planning.

Accurately forecast your future opportunities

Understand global construction trends clearly

Our service provides regular reports that outline key drivers of construction, and includes historical data as well as forecasts for a range of building activity indicators.

Construction growth tracker

Track overall sector performance and detailed country-specific analysis for the ten-year construction outlook across 34 of the largest markets globally. Easily compare an individual country or region’s historical and forecasted construction activity.

Simple-to-use software

The service includes a fully interactive, customisable databank with connectivity into online charting, API and data feeds, and a complementary Excel plug-in tool, allowing you to dissects trends at the global, national and sub-sector level. 

Economist support

We leverage over 30 years of experience covering the sector as a fully independent research organisation and offer full client support to answer questions about our data or forecasts.

Service features

Our service provides regular reports that outline the key drivers of construction and includes historical data and forecasts for the value of work done across 10 construction sub-sectors.


Americas: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru

Asia-Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain, India, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan

Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Hungary, France, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Italy, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland

MENA: Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Iran, Islamic Republic, Kazakhstan, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq, Israel, Morocco, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey


Residential: Single and multi-family dwellings

Non-Residential: Commercial, industrial, social, other

Civil Engineering: Roads, other transportation, utilities, other civil engineering

The value of Work Done is available for all sectors, sub-sectors and geographies.

Integrated Global Model

Our Global Economic Model is the world’s leading globally integrated macro model, relied upon by over 200 leading organisations around the world. The model replicates the world economy by interlinking 80 countries, six regional blocs and the Eurozone. With a 35-year track record, the model provides a rigorous and consistent structure for forecasting, scenario analysis, stress testing and impact analysis.

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Global construction sector continuing to rebound in 2022

Globally, the value of construction work done is continuing to rebound following the Covid disruption, supported by government stimulus, which is targeted in different ways across different countries.

Investment is often a target for fiscal policy through economic recoveries, and this inevitably means an acceleration in construction work done. Which countries are doing the most and what are the key areas of focus?

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