Africa Insight | 11 Jun 2024

South Africa Elections 2024 | The votes are in, but what comes next?

Louw Nel

Senior Political Analyst, OE Africa

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Four scenarios for the South African Election

The ANC, in power since 1994, is set to lose its legislative majority in the May 29 general election, and democratic South Africa will have its first coalition government at national level. Will the liberation movement attain a legislative majority by partnering with small parties? Or will it have to choose between the radical leftists of the EFF and the liberals of the DA? And what does the choice mean for the economy? This webinar sets out the policy implications, macroeconomic consequences, and political-economic risk effects under each of these three scenarios as well as a fourth one, in which the DA’s liberal coalition wins a majority.

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This Research Briefing summarises our four scenarios for the general election that will take place in South Africa on May 29, and compares the macroeconomic forecasts associated with them.

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This Research Briefing details the third of our four scenarios for South Africa's general election on May 29. In this scenario, the African National Congress (ANC), having won only 40% of the vote, decides to make a deal with the party that has been the official opposition for 25 years: the liberal Democratic Alliance (DA).

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South Africa: Elections 2024 | ‘ANC & EFF’ election scenario

This briefing sets out the second of our four scenarios for South Africa's general election: the ANC wins only 40% of the vote and makes a coalition deal with the radical leftists of the EFF.

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