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07 Feb 2024

Oxford Economics’ Research Featured During Davos 2024


Featured Research

Oxford Economics is proud to have contributed to the following research studies highlighted at the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering in January. Click the below links to learn more.

New work, new world

In partnership with Cognizant, Oxford Economics explored the transformative potential of Generative AI for the US economy over the next decade. Our groundbreaking study focused on two key areas:

  • Productivity Boost: We analyzed how business adoption of Generative AI could enhance worker productivity, examining its impact on daily tasks and potential labor market shifts.
  • Economic Growth Engine: Utilizing machine learning tools, we modeled both the automation potential of AI on different occupations and its projected adoption timeline based on historical trends of major technological advancements.

The results paint a promising picture: depending on business adoption rates, Generative AI has the potential to add up to $1 trillion to US GDP by 2032.

Read the report

The CEO’s guide to generative AI

In September and October 2023, IBM IBV and Oxford Economics conducted a series of deep-dive interviews with CEOs of organisations in the vanguard of generative AI thinking and adoption, allowing us to validate the insights discussed in this  book with hands-on CEO experiences.

Learn more

Leading through the great disruption: How a human-centric approach to AI creates a talent advantage

A recent study by The Adecco Group, in partnership with Oxford Economics, dives deep into how C-Suite leaders worldwide are steering the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace.

This comprehensive global survey of 2,000 C-level executives explores:

  • The evolving impact of Generative AI: Unveiling how AI is reshaping talent strategies across diverse functions and industries.
  • Actionable insights for leaders: Equipping teams with a practical toolkit to thrive during this era of disruption.
  • Unlocking human potential: Demonstrating how a human-centric approach to AI adoption can create a competitive advantage by amplifying human capabilities.

Launched at the prestigious World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the study’s findings sparked critical discussions with global leaders and garnered significant media attention.

Read the report

Brewing Growth: How Beer Can Boost Lower-Income Economies

A 2022 Oxford Economics study, commissioned by the Worldwide Brewing Alliance, examined the economic impact of the beer industry in 70 countries (using 2019 data). The research revealed a significant opportunity for the beer sector to further empower lower-income economies.

Our findings suggest that if individuals from these countries switched their alcoholic beverage consumption to beer and reached similar consumption levels as other developing nations with higher beer intake the beer industry’s contribution to GDP could potentially increase to an average of 2.2%.

The report also delves into the key challenges hindering this growth, including factors like:

  • Disposable income levels
  • Relative pricing and taxation of beer
  • Consumer preferences for other alcoholic beverages
  • The presence of an illicit alcohol market

By addressing these challenges, the beer industry can unlock its full potential as a driver of economic growth in developing nations.

Read the report

Featured Videos

Forbes: How Cognizant’s Research On Generative AI Is Informing The Future Of Work

Adrian Cooper, CEO at Oxford Economics, joins Cognizant CEO Ravi Kumar to discuss the findings of their joint study, “New work, new world,” the adoption of generative AI, and AI’s impact on society.

Economic Contribution of the Beer Industry – Belgium House 2024

Adrian Cooper, CEO of Oxford Economics, discussing the economic contribution of the beer industry during Davos 2024.

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Debra D’Agostino

Managing Director, Thought Leadership; Co-Managing Director, Oxford Economics USA

+1 (646) 380 9454

Debra D’Agostino

Managing Director, Thought Leadership; Co-Managing Director, Oxford Economics USA

New York, United States

Debra D’Agostino founded Oxford Economics’ Thought Leadership division in 2011 and serves as its managing director. She oversees a global team of editors, researchers and analysts who conduct ground-breaking research programs in partnership with the world’s most forward-looking organizations, on topics ranging from business transformation, emerging technology, diversity and inclusion, talent and leadership to risk management and corporate finance. Debra also leads Oxford Economics’ global consulting business development team, serves as co-managing director for the firm’s operations in the Americas, and is a member of Oxford Economics’ global Senior Management Team.

Debra joined the firm from the Economist Intelligence Unit, the research arm of the Economist Group, where she led the company’s business research department for the Americas. Prior to the EIU, she served as an editor and writer at CIO Insight, the award-winning business and technology strategy journal she helped launch at Ziff Davis Media in 2001. She holds a bachelor of science in journalism from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

Diantha Wilson Redd

VP, Business Development, Americas, Technology

+1 (646) 384 0271

Diantha Wilson Redd

VP, Business Development, Americas, Technology

New York, United States

Diantha leads Oxford Economics’ business development efforts for the Americas, based in New York. She has managed a large number of consulting projects over the past 8 years that fall into the areas of thought leadership and economic and social impact for a wide range of clients. Her wider experience spans over 20 years and she currently manages account relationships for Oxford’s professional service firms, technology, manufacturing, and financial services. She is the Technology category leader for the consulting team at Oxford Economics.

Prior to joining Oxford Economics, Diantha worked at the Economist Group, Forbes Inc., and BusinessWeek Magazine. She has a BA with a double major in Political Science and French from Denison University.

Paul Donnelly

Associate Director, Business Development – EMEA

+44 (0) 203 910 8077

Private: Paul Donnelly

Associate Director, Business Development – EMEA

London, United Kingdom

Federico Chirico

Head of Consulting Business Development – Asia

+65 6850 0117

Federico Chirico

Head of Consulting Business Development – Asia


Federico Chirico is a business professional with over 15 years of experience in thought leadership, strategy consulting, and sales. He currently serves as the Head of Business Development for Asia at Oxford Economics, where he leads the firm’s efforts in consulting across various sectors.

Prior to joining Oxford Economics, Federico held various positions at The Economist Group and Thomson Reuters, where he gained extensive experience in EMEA and South East Asia. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Genova, a Master’s degree from the University of Leicester, and a Postgraduate Diploma from Stanford University. His areas of expertise include technology, sustainability, and healthcare.


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