Mexico Forecasting Service Brochure

The Mexico Forecasting Service provides corporations, financial service firms and government departments with the tools and insights to monitor the latest macro trends in this dynamic global economy to assess their impacts on business or investment plans.

Service Features
  • Country Economics Forecasts. Concise monthly reports for Mexico and its largest trading partner, the United States, providing comprehensive analysis, forecasts, risk indicators, and the long-term outlook to 2050.
  • Weekly Economic Briefing. The week’s economically impactful events in Latin America discussed in a succinct manner for awareness of the region’s developments on a regular basis.
  • Macroeconomics data. Thorough set of historical and forecast data for Mexico, updated monthly, with over 800 key indicators presented in a comprehensive way to manage it specifically for your company’s needs.
  • Industry data. Historical data and forecasts up to 2050, divided into 120 industrial sectors in the country for detailed comprehension of each one and how they make up the Mexican economy.
  • State-level macroeconomic spreadsheets. Quarterly updated data to understand, at the local level, all core indicators and important sectors in each state of Mexico.
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