A leading global energy company

In this new era of uncertainty, opportunities and risks can arise from both within and outside the industry. That’s why in 2019, a leading international energy company subscribed to Oxford Economics’ China Macro Service and Industry Service, to support its market analysis and strategy planning.

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Before 2018, our client’s business in Greater China had been growing steadily, thanks to the stable oil market environment. Entering the year 2019, however, the oil market was shaken by uncertainty such as the pandemic, US-China tension and, in particular, China’s push to cut carbon emissions. These incidents had a profound impact on our client’s strategy planning: opportunities and risks arose from both within the industry and outside of industry. Therefore, to maintain their position as an industry leader and future-proof the company, our client needed to think outside of the “industry box” and examine the industry-shaping factors in the broader macro economy.

The Challenge

Before 2018, our client conducted strategic planning on a yearly basis and made quarterly adjustments. With the market changing rapidly since 2019, our client needed to conduct strategic planning in a more agile manner. To do so, our client needed not only timely insights into what was happening at that moment in time, but also foresight and forecasts of what could happen in the future.

To support its mid-to-long-term strategy planning, our client required comprehensive and consistent analysis on the macro economy. However, many research companies in the market focused mainly on analysing current hotspots only.

Our client needed a solid FX forecast. FX trends directly influence our client’s profit because it exchanges RMB to US dollar when settling revenue with its headquarters.

The solution and results

By subscribing to the Oxford Economics China Macro Service and Global Industry Service, our client gained access to all our world-class macro monitoring tools including, but not limited to, Country Economic Forecasts, Research Briefings and Economic Databank. In addition to reports and data, our dedicated team of economists further provides guidance to their most pressing questions, in a localised way (in terms of language and forms).

Why Oxford Economics?

Quantitative rigour

We have long been a leader in quantitative analysis with over 39 years of experience conducting evidence-based research. More than 1,500 leading private- and public-sector institutions rely on our services for business-critical forecasting and scenario activities.

Modelling expertise

Our globally integrated economic and industry models are relied on by leading organisations around the world, and form the basis of our forecasts and scenarios. The models replicate the world economy by interlinking 85 countries and over 100 sectors.

Deep expertise

Our team of 250 economists and analysts have extensive industry, financial, and public-sector experience and are expert at applying advanced and innovative economic and research tools to provide valuable insights into pressing business, financial, and policy issues.

Global reach

With over 20 offices around the world and presence in the markets that we forecast and analyse we are able to combine broad geographic coverage with local expertise.

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