Africa Risk Reward Index 2022

The Africa Risk Reward Index offers a snapshot of a continent that remains one of the world’s most exciting investment destinations. This report highlights key trends that investors should be thinking about, it challenges preconceptions and helps set priorities for further research. We hope it will serve as a starting point for the important discussions investors should be having.



of households in Africa have no access to reliable power


of the remaining arable land in the world is located in Africa


additional people pushed into poverty in Africa as a result of COVID-19


This year’s report focuses on three main themes that will have an impact on the redefinition of Africa’s relationship with the rest of the world and its role in the world economy. For each theme, it looks at the business opportunities and risks.

  • Africa’s role in the global energy transition
    There is an opportunity for Africa to play a more central role in the global energy system, as both a source of energy and as a continent with the potential to leapfrog the fossil fuels era and go directly to a green energy economy
  • Solving Africa’s food security conundrum
    Agriculture and trade infrastructure sectors are at the centre of debates on solutions. They will open up new opportunities – and risks – for investors in the coming years
  • Cash-strapped governments navigating a wave of discontent
    Political stability will likely be the biggest challenge in realising the continents energy transition and food security ambitions.

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