Recent Release | 02 Nov 2022

The Economic, Environmental, and Social Opportunities that Rail Brings to the UK

Economic Consulting Team

Oxford Economics

A review of the wider benefits that UK rail delivers for passengers, commuters, job-seekers, and the environment.

The Economic, Environmental, and Social Opportunities that Rail Brings to the UK report shows how UK rail has the potential to deliver a wide range of benefits to passengers, commuters, job-seekers, and the environment. This complements our 2021 report The Economic Contribution of UK Rail.

The report, commissioned by RIA, shows that increased use of rail generates benefits for the UK economy by improving productivity and labour market outcomes:

Rail also has a lower environmental impact than other modes of transport, and new technology will only reduce this:

Finally, access to the rail system supports social mobility and improves public health:

About the team

Our Economic Consulting team are world leaders in quantitative economic analysis, working with clients around the globe and across sectors to build models, forecast markets and evaluate interventions using state-of-the art techniques. Lead consultants on this project were:

James Bedford

Senior Economist, Economic Impact

Stephen Foreman

Associate Director, Economic Impact

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