Consulting | 08 Nov 2021

Industry Outlook 2030+ | The German Chemical Industry

Our study analyses the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the German chemical industry in light of future transformation trends. A focus lies on the conditions for the successful decarbonisation of the industry.

The German chemical industry is facing extensive challenges that will fundamentally alter many businesses over the coming years. Due to its high energy intensity, achieving carbon emission reduction targets poses a major challenge. Moreover, increasing competition from abroad—especially from China and the US—as well as the transition to a so-called Chemistry 4.0 will require profound adjustments of the chemical industry.

The Sector Outlook 2030+ “Chemical Industry” is based on an analysis of the latest industry research and data. The following research questions are at its core:

(1) What is the current status of the German chemical industry with regards to company structure, employment, and investment and innovation activity, and what is the economic and trade policy setting under which it operates?

(2) To what extent is the German chemical industry affected by transformation trends such as digitalisation, globalisation, and demographic change?

(3) Which technologies and processes—but also regulations and political settings—can contribute to a successful sustainability transformation and decarbonisation of the industry?

(4) What are the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the German chemical industry with regards to production, innovation and transformation in the near- to medium-term?

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