Recent Release | 18 May 2023

Hackney’s Green Economy: An asset to be nurtured

Cities Consulting Team

Oxford Economics

In early 2023 the Hackney Council commissioned Oxford Economics, in partnership with Ramidus, to research the current scale and specialisms of Hackney’s green economy and identify future opportunities and potential barriers to growth.

The study assesses the current scale and specialisms of Hackney’s green economy and identifies future opportunities and potential barriers to its growth. It also investigates the presence and degree of green business networks within the borough and hence gains an understanding of clustering activity. The approach builds on existing data and supplements it with new survey data and other analyses using:

  1. Chain referral methods or ‘snowballing’ for expanding the survey sample.
  2. Data validation and GIS mapping.
  3. An advanced desk-based research method called network analysis.
  4. On-the-ground meetings and workshops with local businesses.

The research was conducted across two stages. Stage 1 was focused on measuring the number of Hackney businesses operating in the green economy. Stage 2 developed the understanding of Hackney’s green economy and its characteristics. The final report brings together both stages of this research and concludes with our recommendations to build a stronger green economy in Hackney.

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The experts behind the research

Our cities consulting team specialise in analysing and forecasting cities and regions around the world. Drawing on our detailed forecast data and a range of modelling tools, we work with clients globally across sectors to produce studies tailored to their needs and to help them make informed decisions.

Tim Lyne

Associate Director, Cities & Regions

Meera Sadier

Senior Economist, Cities & Regions

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