Ungated Post | 01 Dec 2020

Greater than the sum of their parts: How hybrid cloud and AI work together

Cloud and AI adoption have seen significant growth over the past year as executives increasingly focus on strategic imperatives such as automating business processes, modernizing applications, and streamlining development. When implemented in concert—and supported by a strong data strategy—cloud and AI provide value that is greater than the sum of their parts.

Oxford Economics and IBM surveyed 6,000 CIOs, CTOs, and senior IT leaders from organizations that are using cloud services in some capacity and at least experimenting with AI. Our analysis of the survey data, which covered six industries and 26 countries, shows that data strategies, AI and cloud—especially hybrid cloud—are increasingly effective and intertwined.

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Industry papers:
Financial services

Thematic focus papers:
A unified data and AI strategy
The migration to hybrid cloud
The transformative CTO
Accelerating automation with AI

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