Banking Sector Risk Tool Brochure

Systemic banking crises can strike any type of economy and have often reflected a complex mixture of macroeconomic and financial drivers. Imbalances may build over time and when a downturn arrives a crisis may be unleashed via previously hidden weaknesses on banks’ balance sheets. Our Banking Sector Risk Tool adopts a systematic and back-tested approach to predicting systemic banking crises. Covering 166 economies and based on 33 indicators, our Banking Sector Risk Tool provides you with a comprehensive dataset and a rigorous framework to identify, analyse and compare emerging risks, helping you and your business to weather the next storm. The tool is also fully customisable, with clients being able to change weights to fit their own views on key risks.

What’s included
  • By-country banking sector risk scores. Quarterly time series of risk rankings since 2000, with scores for 166 countries updated on a monthly basis.
  • Comprehensive databank. A detailed breakdown of scores into 4 categories of banking sector vulnerabilities and 33 key indicators for every country, with historical data back to 2000.
  • Research Briefings. Analysis of emerging risks in the banking sector and applications of the tool to inform decision making.
  • Events and webinars. Regular events and webinars to review our views and rating rationale.
  • Economists’ support. Full support to clients to answer questions about rating and data.
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