Recent Release | 16 Nov 2022

Australian Housing Outlook 2022 – 2025

Oxford Economics Australia

Australia’s changing climate represents a significant challenge to households, communities, government and industry. We are already experiencing the adverse effects of climate change including average temperature increases, more frequent extreme weather events and rising sea levels. This is expected to continue unless we grasp the opportunity to make more sustainable choices and reduce future emissions.

Authored by BIS Oxford Economics, the Green Edition explores how the housing market is changing as we move towards a sustainable future. Australia has made many gains in the way we approach more efficient and effective green living standards. The report incorporates a comprehensive view of housing, sustainability and the housing outlook as Australia and dwelling prices enter a phase of correction.

The housing market slowdown will be widespread but with significant variation across geographies. Sydney is the most indebted and least affordable capital city, making it the most susceptible to rising borrowing costs and is therefore expected to experience the most substantial decline. Perth on the other hand is finding support from a buoyant resources sector and a strong recovery in population flows.

About the team

Our consulting team at Oxford Economics Australia are leading analysts of the Australian property sector. They combine their expert insight with our state-of-the-art economic models and tools to answer the crucial questions facing our clients. The lead consultant on this project was:

Geoffrey Snell

Principal Economist, Property Consulting, OE Australia

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