Ungated Post | 06 Dec 2016

Asian Cities & Regions Outlook December 2016

Delhi is fastest emerging city, Brisbane fastest advanced 
Indian cities feature strongly amongst the fastest growing Asian cities in the period to 2020, with Ho Chi Minh City also standing out, and Chinese cities having to adapt to a more service sector reliant growth model. The advanced economy cities face challenges from their emerging rivals, with a marked contrast between Japan’s sclerotic cities and rivals such as Seoul and Singapore. 

Our key findings from our most recent round of forecasts identify some of the fastest growing cities in Asia and the Pacific.


Oxford Economics’ Asian Cities & Regions Outlook service offers comprehensive econometric forecasting and critical analysis for the region’s 30 largest and most dynamic cities. The service provides consistent and comparable long-term forceasts for an array of variables ranging from GDP, industrial output, the labor market, demographics, housing, and segmentation by income band. 

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