Report | 14 Sep 2021

Africa Risk Reward Index 2021

Jacques Nel

Head of Africa Macro

Highlights from the report

The Africa Risk-Reward Index offers a snapshot of a continent that remains one of the world’s most exciting investment destinations. This report highlights key trends that investors should be thinking about, it challenges preconceptions and helps set priorities for further research. We hope it will serve as a starting point for the important discussions investors should be having.

Experts from Control Risks and Oxford Economics Africa are pleased to present the sixth edition of the Africa Risk-Reward Index. The index captures the evolution of the investment environment and risk landscape in major African markets.  

  • Healing stronger: How the COVID-19 pandemic can give rise to new industry 
  • Paying the bill: Innovative solutions for Africa’s debt crisis
  • Cooperation, competition and conflict: The changing dynamics of military intervention in Africa

Key insights


Forecast GDP growth in 2021


Percentage of the population that has been fully vaccinated


Debt to GDP ratio


Botswana, the country with the biggest movement in its overall risk-reward scores between 2020 and 2021

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