A leading property investment company

The ever-changing economic landscape means that effective strategic planning has never been more important. In 2019, a prestigious property investment and management company engaged Oxford Economics’ Boardroom and Executive Briefing Service to support its annual strategic planning process.

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Once a year, our client reviews its 10-year strategic plan, revising it based on such factors as:

The client’s plan is then reviewed by the executive team, before ultimately being approved by the board.

The Challenge

In previous years, our client has engaged different companies to provide

As a result, the data and advice that our client received during the planning phase and later during the presentations risked being internally inconsistent both year-to-year and throughout the annual process. The client has identified that this inconsistency could confuse decision-making and potentially undermine the confidence of their stakeholders in the planning process.

The Solution

Our client wanted to bring consistency to the different elements of their strategic planning process, and so in 2019, the client engaged Oxford Economics’ Boardroom and Executive Briefing Service to support it. The client chose Oxford Economics because:

The Result

With Oxford Economics’ Boardroom and Executive Briefing Service, the client was able to undertake its strategic planning process with a single economics firm, ensuring that the advice and insights it would be relying on to drive the business forward for the next 10 years were internally consistent and clearly communicated to their executive team and board.

Why Oxford Economics?

Quantitative rigour

We have long been a leader in quantitative analysis with over 39 years of experience conducting evidence-based research. More than 1,500 leading private- and public-sector institutions rely on our services for business-critical forecasting and scenario activities.

Modelling expertise

Our globally integrated economic and industry models are relied on by leading organisations around the world, and form the basis of our forecasts and scenarios. The models replicate the world economy by interlinking 85 countries and over 100 sectors.

Deep expertise

Our team of 250 economists and analysts have extensive industry, financial, and public-sector experience and are expert at applying advanced and innovative economic and research tools to provide valuable insights into pressing business, financial, and policy issues.

Global reach

With over 20 offices around the world and presence in the markets that we forecast and analyse we are able to combine broad geographic coverage with local expertise.

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