Economic Impact | 13 Oct 2021

The economic impact of SAP in the UK

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SAP supported a £687 million contribution to UK GDP, sustained 6,150 jobs across the country, and generated £242 million of UK tax revenues in 2020, according to research by Oxford Economics. For every 100 people employed at the company itself, the expenditure of the company, its staff, and its suppliers’ staff supported a further 150 jobs around the rest of the UK.

On top of its own economic contribution, its Partner companies located across the country support further economic activity as they build, service, and support SAP solutions. Around 7,200 SAP-related jobs, and £940 million in revenues were supported throughout SAP’s Partner Ecosystem.

This report, commissioned by SAP, takes stock of the company’s economic, social, and environmental impact in 2020, as the company announces a €250 million investment into cloud-based services in the UK over the coming five years.

In looking at SAP’s contribution to the UK, the study analysed the role SAP plays in upskilling its staff. It provided over 78,000 hours of training to its employees in the 18 months to June 2021. Supporting efforts to upskill young people, it hired 59 placement students from 30 different UK universities, while its apprenticeship programme launches this year. Finally, the study analyses SAP’s economic footprint in the UK. It offsets 62% of its direct carbon emissions in 2020, as it targets carbon neutral operations by 2023.

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