Ungated Post | 01 Sep 2018

India’s up-and-coming digital ecosystem: Extending entrepreneurial possibilities

IndiaStack is significantly lowering innovation costs in the country, making it easier for businesses to build digital solutions.

IndiaStack has become the underlying platform for digital India. It provides a technical and collaborative infrastructure upon which digital India can grow, evolve and innovate.

Our survey of 2,000 India executives conducted for the IBM Institute for Business Value in mid-2018, revealed opportunities for both organizations and individuals to leverage this new infrastructure to build platforms, work collaboratively and create and ride a new wave of digital innovation More than three-fourths of Indian executives (76%) pointed to India’s economic openness as a major business advantage, while 60% identified India’s skilled workforce. And 57% said India’s large domestic market provides significant advantages. And with a median age of 32, India’s entrepreneurs rank among the youngest in the world.

Read the India’s up-and-coming digital ecosystem: Extending entrepreneurial possibilities report

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