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Mapping Africa’s consumer spending landscape

Urbanisation and pockets of increased socio-economic development have resulted in African cities becoming hotspots from a consumer spending perspective. This Research Briefing maps Africa’s consumer spending landscape by showing in which cities the most spending is taking place and exploring where we can expect to see the strongest growth in consumer spending over the next decade.

Why big fiscal deficits and low inflation can coexi (27)What you will learn about:

  • Cairo is by far Africa’s largest consumer market, with an estimated 5% of total household spending on the continent taking place in that city in 2020.
  • Consumer spending is much more geographically dispersed in East Africa than in other regions, although two Kenyan cities, Nairobi and Mombasa, both make the list of top five in terms of total spending.
  • The strongest growth in consumer spending is expected to take place in largely underdeveloped regions, with some Tanzanian and Mozambican cities stand-out performers in this regard.


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