Eurozone Key themes 2024 – Fragile recovery will gain impulse

Date: Thursday 7 December 2023

After grinding to a halt in 2023, we expect the cogs of the eurozone economy to start slowly turning again in 2024, gaining more momentum as the year goes on. Our key call is for faster disinflation, which together with a weak growth outlook will prompt the ECB to normalise policy earlier and more forcefully than what the markets are expecting. This should in turn help to usher in stronger consumption growth. But there are potential headwinds aplenty – looming fiscal consolidations, possible supply shocks or hysteresis effects holding activity back.

Tomas Dvorak

Senior Economist

+44 (0) 203 910 8150

Tomas Dvorak

Senior Economist

London, United Kingdom

Tomas is a Senior Economist in the Macro and Investor Services’ eurozone team. He oversees the coverage of Central and Eastern Europe in addition to producing thematic research on the eurozone and developing modern, data-driven approaches to economic forecasting, including the use of alternative and high-frequency data.

Tomas holds an MA in economics from the University of Glasgow and an MSc in economics from the University College London. He previously worked as a data scientist at KPMG and as an advisor in the European Parliament.

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