Asia Construction Service Brochure

Navigating the impact of global trends and domestic developments in the construction sector across the Asia region is vital for all firms operating in the sector. Through the analysis of key market variables and the tracking of major projects, our reports provide comprehensive coverage of construction activity in Asia, and are essential for strategic development, planning, performance analysis, risk management and budgeting purposes.

What’s included?
  • Detailed construction trend analysis and forecasts. Reports, which are updated four times a year, review the dwelling, non-dwelling, and civil engineering sectors and sub-sectors, with additional information on major construction projects that are at the planning stage are approved or under construction stages.
  • Forecast databank. Access to historical data and construction forecasts for 12 Asia countries, updated each quarter to provide the latest data.
  • Access to global economic views. Key Global Themes provide our analysis on global economic trends and their potential impacts.
  • Direct access to experts. Our top-tier consultants are readily available to provide support.

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