Research Briefing | Jul 22, 2021

US | Recovery Tracker climbs in early July despite Delta risks

US Recovery Tracker climbs in early July despite Delta risks - iPad

The US Recovery Tracker added to its nearly five-month streak of weekly gains in the week ended July 9, rising 0.6ppts to 97.6. Consumers continued to spend on restaurant outings, hotel accommodations, and flights, while businesses responded to robust demand by ramping up production.

What you will learn:

  • Mobility fell on reduced driving activity, but this may have been a seasonal fluke around the Fourth of July weekend. Health conditions improved slightly despite the spread of the Delta variant as vaccinations slowly progressed. 
  • Our State Recovery Trackers took a breather after the July 4th holiday as only 7 states recorded higher readings. Texas and California saw the sharpest drops.
  • On the health front, the glass half-full view is that 63% of the adult population is now fully vaccinated and 73% has received one dose. The glass half empty view is that vaccination rates have slowed to 550k/day and the number of new Covid19 cases is surging. 

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