Global Scenarios Service Brochure

Quarterly updated macro scenarios for the global economy, exploring the implications of key risks to the world economy.

What’s included?
  • Five forecasts and scenarios. Coverage of 80 individual economies, covering the developed world and the bulk of world GDP, plus the Eurozone and world aggregates.
  • Complete Datasets. Access to a databank that allows users to quickly build custom queries with complete flexibility and view the data in tables, charts and maps.
  • Full Analysis. A report describes the baseline forecast and how each scenario develops, together with the headline results.
  • Broad Coverage. Forecasts cover key variables for output, spending, employment, inflation, interest rates, balance of payments and government finances.
  • Detailed Excel spreadsheets. Present quarterly and annual data for each variable for each country.
  • Dashboard. Allows you to visualise the key features of our different coronavirus scenarios – such as impacts on GDP, unemployment and commodity and financial markets.
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