Right but in the wrong line of work/riding the VR hype cycle

by Edward Cone

Hard for us to disagree with Farhad Manjoo when he says “Millennials aren’t real,” because that’s pretty much the party line around here.

But he also drops this factoid: “Corporations like LinkedIn and Oracle are now hiring an army of ‘millennial consultants’ who charge as much as $20,000 an hour for their expertise on how to manage and market to young people.”

$20k an hour?

Maybe challenging conventional wisdom is overrated as a career choice.

Elsewhere in big media, Christopher Mims says VR is in for a disappointing 2016. He concurs (calmly) with Scoble’s impassioned take on the awesomeness of VR demos, but argues that a dearth of content will hobble the virtual revolution in the near term (which Scoble acknowledges, too).

Edward Cone is deputy director of Thought Leadership for Oxford Economics