Personalized medicine, from sci fi to reality

by Edward Cone

Adrianna Gregory and I joined SAP’s Susan Rafizadeh and host Bonnie Graham on Game Changers radio to discuss progress toward the next phase of healthcare, in which treatments are tailored for small groups and, ultimately, individuals. Think genomics and Big Data, and you’ve got the basic concept.

You can hear a podcast version of our live conversation here.

We shared some details from our just-completed survey of 120 research institutions and pharma companies, including obstacles to be overcome before this promising discipline delivers on its full potential. Look for our briefing paper for detailed analysis of the results, along with insights from experts in the field, coming soon.

Edward Cone heads the technology practice and is Deputy Director of Thought Leadership at Oxford Economics. He runs research programs on cloud computing, the Internet of Things, open source software, and other tech topics, and also specializes in health care and talent trends.