Open source, everywhere

by Adrianna Gregory

“There are always going to be crazy people outside your company doing interesting things. Why not have those people contribute to your open-source project and take it in interesting directions?”

The quote comes from a conversation we had with Chris Aniszczyk, head of open source at Twitter. We talked with Mr. Aniszczyk (and a handful of other executives) about the value of open source for a project we worked on with Wipro last year. The conversations—and the results from our accompanying executive survey—all point to an expanding role for open source in businesses across industries.

The Open Source Era

Open source is driving innovation, enabling other critical technologies, and affording companies more flexibility and agility than they might otherwise have. Perhaps even more importantly, more and more organizations are taking the core tenets of open-source development—transparency, collaboration, and constant iteration—and applying them to projects in all areas of the business.

As a software and a methodology, open source has already been around for a long time. But as it intersects with other emerging tech trends (like 3D printing and artificial intelligence), it will only grow in strategic importance.

For more insights from our interviews and survey results, download our paper, The Open Source Era.

Adrianna Gregory is the associate editor for technology at Oxford Economics, where she helps manage research programs on topics including cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and global talent trends.