Don’t let yourself become obsolete

by Edward Cone

Released today: Stretch: How to Future-Proof Yourself for Tomorrow's Workplace, by Karie Willyerd and Barbara Mistick.

imageA core message of the book is that workers are at risk of becoming obsolete in a fast-paced economy where change is the only constant, so they must prepare themselves for reinvention and ongoing growth.

As the authors note, the quantitative foundation for the book comes out of a global research program called Workforce 2020, conducted by Oxford Economics and SuccessFactors, an SAP company – an effort in which Karie, a futurist at SuccessFactors, was a key player.

One important finding from the study: The top concern keeping workers up at night is that their positions will become obsolete. They worry that they won’t have the skills to keep up, and that their employers can’t provide them with the training to remain relevant. 

The research included twin studies of 5,500 executives and non-executive employees in 27 countries, along with individual interviews with at least one executive in each of the countries.

You can see our reports, graphics, and fact sheets here, and find Stretch on Amazon here.

Edward Cone heads the technology practice and is Deputy Director of Thought Leadership at Oxford Economics. He runs research programs on cloud computing, the Internet of Things, open source software, and other tech topics, and also specializes in health care and talent trends