Access to short- and long-term analysis and forecasts for US economic indicators, central bank activity, fiscal policy, and financial markets.


Since SMRA was acquired by Oxford Economics, we have developed a combined US macroeconomic offering which is now available to all clients.

By switching your access to the new platform you will gain additional access to in-depth analytical research and macroeconomic projections supported by Oxford Economics’ Global Economic Model. This offering complements the existing high-frequency coverage of data releases, macro events, financial market developments, and policy decisions that you will continue to receive from SMRA and Oxford Economics analysts.

To activate your access via, please contact your account representative. Please note that if you access SMRA via Bloomberg the service is unchanged.


Comprehensive coverage

Through regular analysis of macroeconomic data, events, emerging trends and policy changes, Oxford Economics provides in-depth coverage of the US economy at a national, sectoral and local level within a rapidly changing global economy. Stone & McCarthy Research complements this offering through intra-day updates, analytical research commentaries and technical and fundamental market research.

Subscribers receive: 

Macro forecasts and analysis

  • Research Briefings. Regular analysis of economic events, market shifts, emerging trends, and policy changes. 
  • Forecast reports and chartbooks. Forward-looking analysis and data, updated each month.
  • Executive and Weekly Briefings. Concise summaries of our US economic outlook.
  • Webinars, podcasts, and client events. Regular presentation of forecast and drivers.
  • Access to economists. Our top-tier economists are readily available to provide support.

Data, Fed, and Fixed Income

  • Market and data analysis. High-frequency analysis and forecasts of data releases and their implications for our macro forecast. 
  • Federal Reserve watch. Forecasts and analysis of monetary policy developments.
  • Fixed income analysis. In-depth commentary and analysis of fixed income markets delivered throughout the day, including our proprietary Money Manager Survey.
  • Technical analysis. Daily review of Treasuries, currencies, commodities, and equity indices.

Exchange Rate Service




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