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Helping companies to understand the implications of macroeconomic, geopolitical, financial and climate change developments on private and public real estate performance.

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What does the service include?

A globally consistent and independent set of real estate baseline and scenario forecasts. This service offers regular analysis and commentary from our highly experienced team of real estate economists.

Analysis and commentary

Written analysis on select property markets. Comprehensive chartbooks provide detailed analysis on supply and demand-side factors, including economic, financial, capital markets and climate change.

  • Model-generated baseline and scenario global real estate forecasts
  • Consistent and independent real estate forecasts with an objective outlook
  • Combines the best of Oxford’s economic and financial forecasts with leading real estate industry data
  • High-level commentary that looks at changing economic and financial implications for real estate performance
  • Understand real estate performance vs equities, bonds and fixed income
  • Access to a dedicated team of real estate economists
  • A tool to run economic and climate shocks on real estate performance
  • Supporting real estate and economic consultancy
Global coverage

Flexible delivery of content by six major regions:

  • UK
  • Europe
  • US
  • Canada
  • Asia
  • Australia
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Research Briefing

Look to apartments during periods of high inflation

Our analysis of property total returns and inflation suggest that the apartment sector is best positioned to weather the inflation storm in the US. While there is some variation by city, most US cities we analysed had apartment returns that were relatively well insulated when acyclical inflation is high nationally.


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Real Estate Economic Service

Oxford Economics’ Real Estate Economics Service helps companies understand the implications of macroeconomic, geopolitical, financial and climate developments on private and public real estate performance.

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