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The latest updates for the Excel Data Workstation V3

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The software development team at Oxford Economics is continually working to bring better performance and new features to the Excel Data Workstation. Whether you’ve been holding on to Version 2 or haven’t updated since last month, there should be something new for you among our latest updates.

Click here to download now.

The latest updates:

In case you missed these previous updates:

Customers must have a subscription to one or more of the following products/services to take advantage of the facilities in Excel Data Workstation:


Download the latest EXE installer file by clicking the link below:


Follow the instructions below to download and install the latest version of Excel Data Workstation. Once installed, an Oxford Economics menu item will appear in Microsoft Excel. Click on this menu to show a ribbon holding a number of functions as shown in the figure following.



To begin, first ensure you meet all of the prerequisites listed above. Especially, check that all earlier versions (prior to version 3) of the Excel Data Workstation are removed or disabled. If not, please go into Add/Remove Programs find the Oxford Economics Excel Data Workstation, and uninstall.

Next, extract the .XLL files from your download, select and double click the version corresponding to your version of Excel (i.e. either 64- or 32-bit), and Excel will open with the Oxford Economics menu loaded. You will be prompted to load the plug-in automatically.

To configure Global Model Workstation Online (GMWO) data source, you need to configure the GMWO data source API url. To do so, please go to General > Options > Configure Data Sources, and paste your dedicated API url in the “URL” text box and press the “OK” button.

We recommend you mouse over the controls to read the fairly detailed tooltips provided. This is a good way to quickly get an idea of the features available.

Mondrian Dashboards v4 & v5

(Documentation for v4 Mondrian dashboards is the same as v3, which can be found here.)

Training Videos

User Guide

The user guide is available in Excel Data Workstation by clicking on General > Options.

The version number of the user guide distributed with EDW is consistent with the installed version of the add-in.

Click here to download the latest user guide without installing Excel Data Workstation.

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