Latin American Cities and Regions Forecasting Service Brochure

With growing interest in the Latin American region and numerous opportunities in its developing urban economies, Oxford Economics has developed a forecasting service designed to measure, benchmark, and forecast economic performance in key locations across the region. The service offers regularly updated annual forecasts for key economic, labour market and industry variables for 28 business centres.

What’s included?
  • Broad Coverage. The service provides data and forecasts for 48 locations chosen because of the level of their investment and trade opportunities.
  • Deep analysis by location. Consistent annual data and forecasts for total output and employment as well as for industries, population, labor force, unemployment, household incomes and spending for each location.
  • Regular updates. To ensure you have the latest information, we update our forecasts and data every quarter.
  • Thirty-five years of data. The data generally refers back to 2000, further if possible, with forecasts to 2040 for all locations.
  • Advanced analytical functions. Our web-based databank allows users to quickly build custom queries with complete flexibility and view the data in tables, charts and maps. Numbers may be represented as absolutes, percentages and even differences between time periods. All data are annotated by source, date of update and analyst. Searches can be saved for later reference and downloaded to Excel.
  • Economist support. We provide full client support to answer questions about our data or forecasts.
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