Global Trade Flows Brochure

The Global Trade Flows Service draws on Oxford Economics’ analysis and forecasts of the world economy, analysing trade flows between 180 country pairs, with bilateral flows by product for 33 major economies. Our forecasts consider factors such as the growth of demand in the destination market and the exporter’s competitiveness. Exports, imports, and trade balances are identified, with historical estimates and forecasts for each country relative to all other nations in the databank. The service shows forecasts exports, imports, and visible trade balance for each pair of exporting and importing countries.

What’s included?
  • Extensive databank. Full country-to-country data for any pair of 180 countries, for example from the United States to the United Kingdom, or from Brazil to Argentina. Annual data and forecasts on bilateral trade flows and trade balances to 2035 for 180 countries, with trade by product for 33 country pairs.
  • Consistent forecasts. Forecasts are produced using our Global Economic Model, the most widely used forecasting framework. This ensures that all forecasts are consistent across countries, regions, trading blocs, and the world.
  • Regular updates. Quarterly updates ensure that the data and forecasts are always up to date and consistent with our latest global economic forecasts.
  • Advanced analytical functions. Our web-based databank allows users to quickly build custom queries and view data in tables, dashboards, charts, or maps with full export as an image or to Excel.

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