Commodity Price Forecasts Brochure

A rigorous and comprehensive framework to develop forecasts, scenarios and impact analysis.

What’s included?
  • Comprehensive coverage. The model includes a detailed breakdown of key indicators for over 100 industries including Gross Value Added, Gross Output, Employment, Investment and more. In addition, the model contains a detailed energy and Green House Gas emissions bloc allowing for a deeper understanding of energy and environmental related them es such as climate change.
  • Simple-to-use software. The model is embedded into our Model Workstation allowing users to take advantage of our popular changes, quickly build custom scenarios, export data, and present data visually in a variety of ways.
  • Globally linked. Using key international drivers, global influences and scenarios can be created using the Global Economic Model for over 80 countries and solved to the Canada Provincial Territorial Model for further analysis. For example, the Canadian regional and sectoral impacts of a global recession or a global crude oil price change.
  • Comprehensive training and support. We provide in-house and online training and support and offer regular seminars for model users.
  • Economist support. Full client support to answer questions about our data or forecasts.
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