In the media | 13 May 2022

Business Day: Global construction activity is expected to grow by 2.2% in 2022, says Oxford Economics Nicholas Fearnley

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Nicholas Fearnley, Head of Global Construction sits down with Mudiwa Gavaza from Business Day to discuss the global economic forecast for each construction sector.

Listen to the full interview below:

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China lockdowns and Russia-Ukraine conflict weigh on global construction outlook

Construction activity is expected to grow by 2.2% in 2022 (compared to 2.1% in our January update). The impact of policy stimulus and our database of major projects point to civil engineering being the key growth driver over the near term. Input cost inflation and supply chain disruptions have been amplified by the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the prolonged lockdown in Shanghai.

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Too much of a good thing? Fiscal stimulus in the global construction market

Fiscal stimulus remains an important chapter in the economic playbook. Governments worldwide have set their sights firmly on public infrastructure investment as a means to spark demand and employment following the coronavirus-induced economic downturn.

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Future of Construction

Future of Construction gives forecasts for global construction to 2030 as well as perspectives on climate-related challenges for the construction industry.

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