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Global Macro Themes and Asset Views Chartbook, August 2019

In our global macro chartbook for July, we summarise our views on current global themes and asset markets, and link to our research highlights over the last month. This month, we have revised down our forecast for world GDP growth to 2.6% this year, the weakest of the post-crisis period, and 2.7% next year.

We highlight our research on the future for monetary policy and the unconventional policy tools available as alternatives. We examine the impacts of a revival in QE, and why we believe funding for lending as a policy tool has rapidly diminishing returns and would not be suitable as a replacement for QE. We also argue that a mixture of monetary and fiscal policy in response to shocks will see economies fare better than those who simply use monetary tools.

We also go into detail on how the west is falling behind in the innovation race, how changing global demographics will in fact keep global savings rates high and provide in-depth by country analysis of the ongoing trade war.

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